Giant Touch Tablets for Your Conference Room

The Mondopad family of touchscreen collaboration solutions help teams work together more efficiently in the same room or around the world.


Collaborate visually, capture and share information, bridge communication gaps, and strengthen teams to do better work in less time.


Available with an array of features and sizes, Mondopad offers a collaboration solution that meets the unique needs of your team and your meeting space.


Cloud Services

Any time - Any place - Any device


The power of cloud based applications allows businesses of all sizes to access state-of-the-art services without massive up front costs.

Hardware & Software

Smart - Modern - Interactive


Mondopad’s human, natural touch interface changes the way people interact with information, collaborate and connect. Meetings are more engaging, content is more immersive, and audiences are more engaged.


Design & Integration

From Concept to Reality


Let us assist you in combining your vision with our great products and servies to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.


Helping you find the right solutions.

A conference room is more than just a room with a table and chairs.  We will show you how a Digital Conference Room using modern hardware and software solutions,  backed by cloud servies can enable greater interaction than ever before. 

3. Design & Integration Service

2. Cutting Edge Hardware

1. The Power of the Cloud