InFocus DigiEasel

The InFocus DigiEasel Interactive Display allows you to draw, write, and capture notes or share your device’s screen on a professional, high-tech interactive touch display that's affordable, fun to use and impressive to visitors

Go Digital for a Great Value


Leave those smelly pens, stained dry-erase boards and warped flip charts behind and get the professionalism and flexibility of digital.


  • Low cost to equip every room

  • 40-inch size makes it easy to move wherever it's needed most

  • Set up in portrait or landscape mode to best suit your task or application

  • Impress visitors with a professional interactive display instead of old-fashioned note-taking tools

  • Have one versatile, compact display instead of multiple tools and devices

Interactive Whiteboard


  • Seamless scrolling to allow room for free-form drawings, diagrams and notes

  • Save and email whiteboards from the DigiEasel (INF4032 only)

  • Write and draw with a full collection of pens, highlighters, shapes and lines

  • Use it with or without a stylus

  • Paste images onto the whiteboard or add custom backgrounds, such as a grid or calendar

  • 10-point touch allows several people to use the display as the same time

  • No calibration required

DigiEasel Datasheet
Interactive Digital Signage