InFocus Mondopad Interactive Smartboards in the Classroom

Technology has invaded the classroom. You heard right, a place once sacred from technology has no problem draining the attention span of our children. But what’s even more unsettling is that some people have come to embrace it, even call it a tool.

“I think the majority of our students are used to really fast paced, high engaging, high color, high gloss experiences,” according to Miss Vickers, a high school teacher in Portland, Oregon, in a promotional video released by InFocus. What’s even more shocking is when Miss Vickers goes on to endorse the InFocus Mondopad because of its ability to reach kids using the same medium they're used to.

Are teachers just giving in?

When you stop to think about it, this approach isn’t that shocking. It makes sense that teachers would try to reach students in the ways they are most likely to learn. When students are growing up in a world filled with computers and smart phones, a chalkboard just doesn’t hold the same power.

Mondopad in the Classroom

The Mondopad is ready to meet students’ standards. Though they may not realize it, students have become accustomed to using computers on a daily basis. Neglecting today’s fast paced technology isn’t just old school anymore, it leaves a teacher at a handicap to engage students. Even if the teacher has access to a computer, what good is it if students can’t interact with that same digital material as their instructor?

In the video Miss Vickers also discusses collaboration, saying, “How do I get the kids to come and work with my computer? And by having one in the room that’s that big, that’s touch screen, they get to do it.” With a Mondopad at the front of the classroom, Miss Vickers is able to direct a lesson with students that are eager to interact with the lesson on the same unit.

Altering Classroom Procedure

Here’s another advantage of the Infocus Mondopad: it’s an alternative to a classroom projector.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the classroom projectors at my high school. The teachers could connect to their desktop computers and display notes at the front of the room. But to be honest, I was just hoping something would quit working. I can’t tell you how much class time I enjoyed talking to my neighbor while my teacher struggled to have the projector work properly--searching for the right input, focusing the lens, reconnecting cables, or finding a person tall enough to turn on a ceiling-mounted projector—I loved projectors.

I’m sure my teachers would have appreciated the one-unit nature of the Mondopad. Not only is the Mondopad compatible with Microsoft Office for class presentations, but easily connects to a computer, tablet, or thumb drive. The students get the benefit of following along on their own devices.

Not only can teachers and students connect, but anyone comfortable using a computer or a tablet will be able to navigate the Mondopad. The straight forward apps of the Mondopad’s home screen make its use self-explanatory.

You see, the easier it is for the teacher to make the equipment work the way they want, the more teachers will be able to focus class time to teaching their students. Of course, the more time spent teaching gives a better chance at learning. We can all agree that’s a good thing.

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