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Communication being a key area of any successful business, video conferencing has navigated the obstacle of distance in that equation. The once mighty telephone has been overshadowed by the powerful addition of video to that lonely audio.

Workplaces no longer need to be in one…well, place. The pressure of maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs has broken the traditional requirement of brick-and-mortar. The option of communicating remotely has become not only viable for business, but indispensable for corporations and small businesses alike. And where the telephone made real-time communication practical, video conferencing brings people one step closer to meeting face to face.

Now communicating over a distance has the ability to provide facial features, body language, and a look at someone’s office artwork.

Mondopad: Champion of Video Conferencing

Effective communication is worth its weight in gold, explaining why Mondopad is adept at panning the gold out of a company.

Mondopad isn’t just a one trick pony. This stallion didn’t just trot into the video conferencing rodeo with an expansive touch screen, it has a few tricks up its sleeve.

So Many Standards to Choose from

Mondopad comes with it’s a hosted cloud service and a SIP address. That’s right, it stands on its own “two feet,” so to speak. The unit isn’t simply an empty box that plays the video and audio of a unit it’s cabled to, it thinks for itself. It can call and receive video calls using its SIP address. And, thanks to the service, it plays nicely with others. Whether your equipment runs on SIP, H.323, Skype, or another standard, Mondopad is well equipped to accommodate it with its address.

Of course, if things ever get too quiet, Mondopad can interact with 3 or even 16 devices at once via its own bridge number. A viable option to meet with a board of directors remotely, or plan a family reunion without the need to rent the rec center.

Compatibility with Software Clients

The near universal compatibility with software clients, from Skype to Cisco Jabber, is sure to avoid potential headache by sidestepping a need to change any conferencing clients on existing hardware within a company.

The secret is in Mondopad’s clever background use of Windows 7. With an admin password, the familiar Windows 7 framework is accessible. This is where any Windows compatible software--video conferencing or otherwise—can be installed. When a program shortcut is copied into the Mondopad “shell,” it becomes ready for use in the customary Mondopad interface. Whala!

With this union of addresses and software, none of your devices have a chance to feel left out. Personal computers and tablets alike are welcome to a conference call. Now the only limit to the mobility of a conference is the limitation of your client’s devices.

Only as Strong as Your Hardware

Being built intending video conferencing as a primary use by InFocus, the area of sound and picture quality hasn’t been overlooked.

The camera of Mondopad’s top-mounted camera/microphone boasts a clear picture of 720p resolution with a 40° manual tilt. The microphone array is designed with two microphones focused near and two aimed to the far side of the room in order to reach the whole room. So be warned, not only will you be seen, but heard. Even from the back.

However, Mondopad will connect to a table mounted Polycom microphone unit if you’re looking for something a little more room-central. And if you’re aching for something a pinch better in the line of cameras, a swiveling table mounted camera with 1080p picture is available.

The screen itself fills the room with a high-definition 1080p resolution, joined with 50 watts of sound via its sound bar. The combination is well equipped to relay a confident exchange of words.

Altogether, Mondopad makes video conferencing human. Its goal isn’t just to champion the obstacle of distance in the realm of communication, but increase the personal quality of information. Any tool ready to give that type of traction to communication can scarcely be ignored.

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