How the InFocus Mondopad Creates Life-Saving Efficiency

From the moment you meet the Mondopad, it emanates an air of professionalism.

At first, you may notice the crisp design or the wide glass screen. But it’s the functionality that demands attention. The responsive presentations are primed to inform the workforce in an efficient manner. The annotation tools are essential for making split-second refinements to the task at hand. And the ease of video conferencing keeps workers informed as leaders better able to relay their ideas.

It’s also for these reasons that Mondopad was ideal for the Fire Prevention District of Addison, Illinois.

Mondopad Fights for Firefighters

InFocus released a promotional video featuring the district’s success story, using the all-inclusive nature of Mondopad to save time, save money, and save lives.

How? It all starts with training, Don Markowski explains. “It allows us to stay in our stations and have our personnel train together as a department.” Before Mondopad, if a presentation was scheduled for the district of Addison, the only option for all the personnel of individual stations was to drive their assigned vehicles to one location and meet in the same room. Although that was once a necessity, Mondopad has done away with that practice. The result is a team of better trained, better prepared firefighters.

This new method of training is harnessed by advanced videoconferencing features. Mondopad can send or receive audio/video simultaneously, connecting multiple classrooms from multiple stations. And they’re easy to connect. “That’s the nice thing about the Mondopad is its open architecture. You can use any kind of conferencing system,” according to Joe Grandolfo, Assistant I.T. Manager for the Addison District.

Collaboration Makes for Better Meetings

Of course, it isn’t just a camera view that makes the experience unique: it comes from Mondopad’s ability to communicate and collaborate remotely. The standard Annotation Toolbar means that a speaker can draw, highlight, or annotate anytime on presentations and webpages. And when another station is viewing that presentation from their own Mondopad, they have those same options on the shared image at their location. This allows staff at either location to see their work, as well as their coworkers’ contributions.

From watching the video, it becomes transparent that the Addison District has found a tool that allows their personnel to work together as a team. I don’t have any doubts about the time and money saved for the department.

So, what are the results in the field?

Great, according to Grandolfo: “By using the Mondopad and using its videoconferencing ability we’ve been able to keep people in their respective areas. And, therefore, loss of life [and] loss of property has been decreased.”

There you have it. Monopad is making the Fire Prevention District of Addison more capable of saving lives. So, it seems logical to say Mondopad is saving lives. Impressive.

by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at

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