Feel Like a Kid Again with InFocus Mondopad Photo Booth

Think back to the photo booth at the local arcade. You and all your friends would rush into the booth at once to make as many crazy faces you could muster and laugh at the pictures when you got out. A few years later you would playfully suggest the photo booth on a first date, and quickly peck her cheek during one of the snaps.

One look at one of those old film strips brings back a flood of memories. On a heartwarming note, the team at InFocus has brought back the Photo Booth, powered by Mondopad.

The Photo Booth, All Grown Up

The move to unearth this classic concept wasn’t just sentimental, it has real world applications outside of the arcade. As InFocus claims, “Photo Booth creates unique, lasting memories for company events, tourist locations, industry gatherings, parties and more.” And it’s hard to disagree when you look at it.

From a business standpoint, it’s all about those “lasting memories” InFocus mentioned. A profitable company realizes the value of making a mark on the mind of a potential client. It’s the reason marketing is necessary: people need to know you exist to know you can help them. However, when competition comes into play, it also becomes necessary to set yourself apart from other companies in the mind of those potential clients—through branding, advertising, and other means. So if these memories are also “unique” as InFocus says, that’s all the better for creating a unique lasting impression.

Of course, this method of capturing memories would undoubtedly fit in at parties, family reunions, or wedding receptions.

Customizing the Snapshot

Don’t let the “Booth” in the name fool you. Taking pictures is out of the dark and out in the open (not as well suited for teen romance).

Once the Mondopad Photo Booth is wheeled to its planned location, it is easily operated. The picture is controlled by a remote shutter release, taking high quality pictures—a system that makes it easier to look your best. A preloaded frame, featuring the company name or occasion, can be added to the image once the picture is taken. But before the picture is complete, a handwritten message can be written overtop with the touch screen.

The touch screen, as you may be well aware, is a native feature of the Mondopad. The touch controlled drawing is also a standard feature of Mondopad’s BigNote software. With the added functionality of Photo Booth, pictures are taken with a Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera at the control of a wireless remote shutter, and a Chimera Pro II Strip Softbox is included for great lighting. However, if you already own a Mondopad, options are available to upgrade your current unit to the Photo Booth capability.

Sharing Time’s a Happy Time

Who keeps a good memory to themselves? Share it! The Photo Booth accommodates sharing via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network in seconds with the built-in web browser. To make it easier for users to post their pictures, these pages could be bookmarked in advance.Then again, if you just want the picture for your own collection, email it to yourself directly from the Mondopad or plug a thumb drive in the available USB on the side of the unit.

Mondopad Photo Booth is no doubt a result of the creativity behind InFocus. It’s a useful product that goes beyond what anyone would expect, taking the functionality of Mondopad and taking it in a unique direction. I can appreciate this type of development that has gone beyond necessary updates to software functionality to cook up something new. Photo Booth shows how customizable Mondopad can be. I’m excited to see what new way I’ll see one used next.

For a quick demonstration of Mondopad Photo Booth, click here.

by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at DigitalConferenceRoom.com

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