Keeping InFocus Mondopad in Sync with All Your Devices

Mondopad is a wonderful tool for collaboration and communication. It makes PowerPoints more interactive, and enables web pages to fill a room, giving presentations new life. Video conferencing abilities make all this available to anyone on the internet. It’s enabling companies to expand the reach of their influence with ease, and breaking physical as well as geographical limitations on creativity. Ideas are shared. Progress is achieved.

But thank goodness you can sit down if you get tired.

Don’t Just Stand There

Time flies when you’re making things happen at a Mondopad, but after your feet get tired it becomes time for a break. Or, what if you just can’t afford to be glued to a screen? Consider a teacher walking through rows of desks to check on their students’ comprehension during a lesson. Fortunately there are a few options available to harness Mondopad whether you want to stretch your legs or quit moving them altogether. It’s all possible when you have a tablet, PC, or smartphone handy.

Basic Control and Upload Files

The Mondopad Connect app from InFocus allows iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets to take advantage of Mondopad. Once connected to a Mondopad via a network connection, which can be done using Mondopad’s buit-in WiFi Hotspot, devices have the capability to upload files—like, say, a PowerPoint. From there, you have controls to manage the presentation. Of course, the app will allow you to simply follow along with what’s on screen if you prefer.

Full Control with a Duplicate Screen

With the InFocus ControlView app, you have full control over everything Mondopad does through your PC, iPad, or Android tablet. Like the Mondopad Connect app, control requires the entry of a security code. ControlView replicates Mondopad’s screen view in real-time on your device. Imagine annotating a presentation or controlling a video conference from your seat. You have full control.

But what if someone walks up to the unchaperoned Mondopad? Collaboration! Any annotations either person makes in Whiteboard or on documents and webpages will be visible on the Mondopad. Use different colors to keep track of each person’s markings.

Viewable Screen from Anywhere

There is also the option of viewing the screen from anywhere using the Mondopad’s IP address. First enter Mondopad’s IP address (visible at the top on the left side of Mondopad’s screen) into the address bar of a web browser, like Firefox. Then, enter the temporary 4-digit access code (visible just to the right of the IP address). Once connected, the Mondopad’s screen will be visible anywhere within the same network. If the IP address is made public, it can be viewed anywhere over the internet. I should also mention that once the “Reset Meeting” options is pressed from the home screen, the access code will be changed and all connected devices will be disconnected, keeping Mondopad secure.

Bonus - Control Your Laptop

The shoe is on the other foot, so to speak. If at any point you wish you were on your PC instead, simply select the “Getting Started” App on Mondopad and use the Present2 feature. After you have the program running on your PC, you’ll enjoy full touch control of your computer on Mondopad. But before you do, consider whether you want the room to see your personal background. Icon clutter can be embarrassing too. See the process demonstrated here.

Lead the Pack from Your Seat

It might sound counterintuitive, but being handcuffed to the front of the room doesn’t always make sense either. Neither you nor your ideas should be limited to anything, even an all-in-one presentation tool like Mondopad. If it isn’t helping you accomplish your goals, it’s slowing you down. Good thing something like Mondopad can keep up.

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by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at

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