How the InFocus Mondopad is Empowering Michigan Works! Region 7B

It often takes time after a good idea is introduced before it gets packaged in a way that makes it practical. I remember my grandfather telling me never to buy the first year run of a car model. “Wait until they get the kinks worked out.” The same goes for technology.

Michigan Works! Region 7B noticed this when they were looking for a presentation tool for their regional offices. They started by looking for something that could present the standard Microsoft Office files, like a smart board. However, when they saw the added responsiveness to annotation and lower cost of the InFocus Mondopad, they came into contact with us here at

But there was more Mondopad had to offer with video conferencing capabilities. For Michigan Works! Region 7B, this spells out the potential for gains in productivity within the organization and with its over 250 partners across the spectrum of education, workforce, health care, public safety, economic development, and human services.

Adding the Human Touch…Remotely

As convenient and useful as a phone call is, it will always leave one thing to be desired: what the other person isn’t telling you. More of what has been said can be “heard” when you see how it was said. It’s all about body language and it doesn’t take an expert to understand. Body language is part of the communication we all use on a daily basis. Is someone upset or happy? Are they confused or do they understand? Are they really paying attention? All of this becomes clear when you see how the person behaves when they speak. And when you can really receive what someone is saying, you can meet what they need.

Following the Leader

During the last staff meeting, managers at Michigan Works! Region 7B had personal experience with this on their Mondopad. Via the video conferencing ability of Mondopad, managers were able to run a meeting remotely with staff members at the Gladwin, Iosco, Arenac, Ogemaw, Clare, and Roscommon County Offices of Region 7B. With the technology to see the audience, it became much easier to see how the staff was following the topic of the presentation, and when something needed more discussion.

Video conferencing alone is not the only tool available for presenting information remotely. Mondopad can easily present PowerPoint files, changing slides with a swipe of the finger. The Managers at Region 7B fluidly presented material, sharing their screen over the video conference.

Later, managers noted their ability to cover the planned material faster than had been anticipated—shortening the meeting from 1 hour and 30 minutes to just under an hour in the recent staff meeting.

Doing Away with “Windshield Time”

With all that Mondopad can do in the way of communication and collaboration, it’s also surprising how effective it is with reducing dependency on travel. Obviously, not everything can be presented over the phone. When anything couldn’t be relayed by voice alone, employees and clients would be forced to close the communication gap by driving the distance. Travel time would significantly add to the time necessary for a presentation.

This was especially true for staff meetings and presentations intended for multiple offices of Region 7B. A staff member would drive the hour plus necessary to reach an office and lead a meeting. Not only is the travel required, but the same information has to be repeated at each the new location.

Now, with a Mondopad at each Michigan Works! Region 7B office, it’s not only possible but practical to hold a meeting with all six branches at once, ensuring everyone receives the same information at the same time.

The Benefits Keep Coming

Reduced travel has far reaching effects. Because travel time can often be taken out of the equation, communicating across Region 7B is much more practical—to the extent that staff meetings can be held on a weekly basis. For the workforce of Region 7B, the ability to receive training and other information transmitted from any of the other region’s locations means more people who need these services will receive them. and MJK Net Inc. are proud to provide this kind of technology to help Region 7B and partner company Northern Transformation in their pursuit of grants toward economic development, entrepreneurship, education and training, and workforce development for all of Northeast Michigan. Partners can connect Mondopads to share and annotate the shared screen view, a feature useful for an efficient exchange of ideas between locations as they pursue grants. The more they relay information, the more closely the different Partners can work together. And the more they work together, the more they stand to accomplish.

Find out more about how, MJK Net Inc. and the InFocus Mondopad can help you in your business. Give us a call at 616.723.0710, check us out on the web at or send us an e-mail to

by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at

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