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With all the talk centered around the products of InFocus here at, it seems appropriate to take a look at the website that enables you to manage all your collaboration enhancing, time-saving InFocus products:

Your InFocus HQ

Don’t think for a second that your only option is to manage settings on each of your InFocus products by hand, one at a time. is a hub for all your InFocus products and services. It provides a portal that combines control for products, allowing access to device settings as well as personalization. The simplicity that InFocus has infused into its products through makes this technology even more valuable than it already was.

Select features at can be found on each of six tabs.


Once logged in, the “Home” tab is the default page of Your name and account information are visible and can be accessed further from this tab. If you have registered any InFocus products, you will be able to select one and view a profile under its display name that contains links to the management settings and services available for that device. Similar to the “My Devices” tab, you have the option of adding a new device from here.

My Devices

From this tab, the profile of all your InFocus products can be viewed conveniently at once. If a product is registered on the portal, it still needs to be authenticated using the device itself. Authentication instructions will be emailed to you at the completion of the registration process at It will include an authentication code to be entered (after the Admin PIN). When the process is over, you will have full access to the portal’s capabilities.

Once the “Manage” link is clicked, bandwidth settings can be adjusted for optimal video quality. Also, personalization features like a portrait picture or display name for the device—under “User Settings”—can be selected, both of which serve to differentiate that device from all others on your portal (making it easier to distinguishing between multiple Mondopads).

Under the “System Settings” link, you’ll also be able to check your current version of software.

My Services

This is where you will find the additional services that enable certain functionality of your products. For the MVP100 video phone, this means the option of adding a standard 10-digit phone number (the MVP100 comes with a SIP address) at the rate of 1500 minutes for $24.99/month. For a little more, you have the option of porting over an existing phone number to InFocus for use with the MVP100 for an additional fee.

Then again, if you’d like a personalized SIP address—or just one that’s easier to remember—you can create a custom SIP (URI) for $24.99. This feature can be purchased for either SIP enabled device from InFocus: Mondopad or MVP100.


The “Contacts” tab eliminates the need to re-enter contacts on each device by providing a central address book. After they are added to the portal, they are automatically added to any authenticated device. To further simplify the process of building your contacts, click “Import” to import any CVS file from any other InFocus, Outlook, or Gmail account. You can also “Subscribe” to a contact list or “Share” your own.

My Account & Support

Under “My Account” you’ll find access to account information, including contact and payment information. The “Support” tab provides a service number, email address, or a Submit Request Form to send a clear explanation of your problem in InFocus. There is also a “FAQ” that might just provide a quick answer to a situation if one arises.

With the portal to help orchestrate the lineup of products InFocus has to offer, InFocus has effectively sidestepped potential wasted time and frustration. Not only that, the portal of allows you to get more functionality out of your technology with less effort. Now that’s something to feel good about.

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by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at

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