The New InFocus MVP100 Video Phone

With all the large, room-enhancing products InFocus has become known for producing, it might come as a surprise that their newest product, the MVP100 video phone, is geared toward the office and not the conference room. The MVP100 video phone is a SIP based video conferencing device designed to make visual communication even easier to maintain from a distance. The phone lists for $699, which is on the affordable side for a SIP device like this one. Of course being from InFocus, the MVP100 aims at practicality and collaboration. And it doesn’t hurt that the setup doesn’t take long, it took me about 15 minutes.

The Setup

After you’ve managed to remove the foam inserts and wrapping from the MVP100 and have handy the small box containing the handset and various cables, you’re ready to start.


Take care while connecting cables to the back of the phone. It’s frustrating to find a scratch on your new tech (especially something that sits on your desk) and it’s equally embarrassing when coworkers notice. I’d personally recommend carefully laying the phone on its face on the foam wrapping. If it’s good enough to ship it in, it should be good enough to lay it down on, right?

Connect the handset cord to the back using the end with the longer uncoiled portion. That extra length of straight cable is intended to be fed through the track that starts directly under the handset port, giving the cable a nice professional look. Once that end is connected, however, I would leave the handset itself disconnected for the time being so that it isn’t jostled around while plugging in the other cables.

Now it’s time to plug in the Ethernet. Because the MVP100 will run on PoE, it will turn on as soon as it’s plugged in if your building’s Ethernet is configured with a PoE connection. But there’s no reason to scramble if you aren’t so lucky: InFocus has kindly included a power adapter for your MVP100 if you need it. Also, the MVP100 has a secondary LAN port that serves as an output to connect to your PC—a nice option if there’s a shortage of Ethernet ports around your office.


Once the MVP100 is up and running, an icon of a green phone with a checkmark will appear next to your SIP address, meaning you are ready to call any other SIP device. However, there are still two more steps if you want to get the most from your new InFocus device—it will need to be registered and authenticated. Authentication enables you to control settings of your phone online at the portal. You’ll be able to edit a central address book that will update to your InFocus products and adjust settings that control how the phone operates.

Once registration has been completed on, an authentication code will be sent to your associated email account. The code will need to be entered on the MVP100 in the “System Settings” menu, which can be found after pressing the “Settings” button labeled by the icon that resembles a mechanical gear on the face of the phone. At this point, the Administration PIN will need to be entered (the default PIN is 1-2-3-4). Then, use the scroll wheel to select the field for the Authentication Code.

After the code has been entered simply press “Exit,” and then “Save” to complete the process. The whole authentication process took me roughly five minutes.

Now, you will be happy to find that any contacts that have been entered into your portal are synced to your MVP100! A handy little feature.

Optional Features

If at any point you desire a traditional phone line, InFocus offers a monthly service from the portal that enables that capability. InFocus will provide you with a 10-digit phone number for making calls, or an existing number can be transferred over to InFocus to be used on the MVP100, making your phone an all-in-one device.

Collaboration is made easier when the user’s experience is simplified, and InFocus has grasped that truth. InFocus’ SIP video phone serves to promote the ease of visual communication in order to increase collaboration and productivity. In short, the MVP100 video phone is a practical example of the ideology at InFocus.

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by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at

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