Getting to Know the InFocus Big Touch

With all the attention on the InFocus Mondopad, Big Touch doesn’t always receive the same spotlight. But that isn’t to say it’s inferior. Like Mondopad, Big Touch is similarly aimed at presenting digital material in a way that’s natural to the presenter—a valuable commodity in today’s business and education spheres—with an additional use of providing hardware capable of interactive signage for commercial use.

While some may prefer Big Touch because they do not have use for all the features of Mondopad (such as video conferencing and whiteboard annotation) or may choose to purchase only some of the native Mondopad features to add on separately, others may simply be more comfortable with the Windows 8 interface of Big Touch.

Whatever the case, Big Touch is ready.

Big Touch Hardware Similar to Mondopad

Both Big Touch and Mondopad are built in the same available 55”, 70”, and 80” dimensions and have the same styling, right down to the bezel around the screen. And the technical specs look just as familiar, Big Touch and Mondopad come with a durable LCD touch screen with a native resolution of 1080p and a wide viewing angle.

When it comes to operating power the two are—again—equally matched. Big Touch is built with the same Intel® Core i5-2520m, QM67 chipset as Mondopad with enough punch to handle PowerPoint presentations and digital signage alike. The internal memory ranks at 4gigs of RAM with a 120gig SSD hard drive.

Both products also come with 2 HDMI ports, component, composite, VGA, and several USB connections for additional display connectivity.

A Fork in the Road

With all the similarities in hardware, where Big Touch separates itself is in the feel of its interface. Instead of working primarily through an app-oriented shell (ideal for a shared presentation room) like Mondopad, Big Touch uses the familiar Windows 8 operating system.

Big Touch has the feel of a PC…because it is one. While Mondopad’s home screen apps help guide any casual user, Big Touch is simply a PC with the size to demand attention. Even in the 55” version, Big Touch is likely to be “big” enough for your intended spaces. But it isn’t just about being big, it aims at being large enough to engage everyone in the room.

As computers have become a standard part of presenting ideas and information, Big Touch aims at making that communication more responsive in an effort to make it more human. While it does come with a wireless mouse and keyboard, there’s no need to sit down and off to the side to control content. You can step right up to Big Touch and control right on screen. The easier a user can control the material at hand, the more accurately that person can convey their ideas. It’s all about removing barriers in the presentation by adding a physical relationship between people and digital material. When that happens, a presentation can happen more naturally, and ideas are easier to grasp. Having the features of Microsoft office along with Windows 8, Big Touch will run PowerPoint, browse the internet, or run almost any other Windows application. Or consider an information kiosk. With the addition of software, Big Touch has the potential to make publicly located maps interactive. This means maps could hold more information about locations or specific navigation instructions. In a mall, for example, maps could show an interactive layout that organizes shop names under descriptive categories and provide specific information about the products those stores offer. Perhaps a visitor could even search between shops for a specific product they’re looking for, right on the map! Now wouldn’t that be handy!

With Big Touch, InFocus has taken into account how the environment dictates the necessary form of a product. Big Touch is built to accommodate a computer to a business and educational environments with an emphasis on presentation. It’s this foundational understanding by InFocus that makes Big Touch succeed.

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