Not Your Ordinary Whiteboard - InFocus Mondopad Webinar Recording

This video is a recording of the "Not Your Ordinary Whiteboard" webinar from December 4, 2013 where we explain the features and benefits of Mondopad's interactive whiteboard function.

Never run out of room on a whiteboard again. With the Mondopad interactive whiteboard feature, you can add pages, and make almost infinite changes to capture all the ideas that you and your staff have.

Go one step further, and import images and backgrounds to make your ideas stand out. Then save, share or print those great ideas, all from one, beautiful device.

Here is what we cover in this webinar:

  • Adding, deleting and viewing pages from the virtual navigation pad

  • Importing and annotating on images on the Mondopad whiteboard

  • Saving, sharing and printing whiteboard pages

  • Utilizing the Mondopad-to-Mondopad or Mondopad-to-PC invite feature for collaboration sessions

  • Sharing whiteboard content with other SIP devices

  • Using the whiteboard tools in other areas of the Mondopad

Find out more about how, MJK Net Inc. and the InFocus Mondopad can help you in your business. Give us a call at 616.723.0710, check us out on the web at or send us an e-mail to

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