Mondopad Software Version 1.8 - Polishes the Interface Feeling

If you’ve had experience with Mondopad over the past few years since its release, you are well acquainted with the trademark interface supplied by Mondopad’s Software, or the “shell.” Not unlike a tablet, it has a row of app icons across the lower portion of the screen that activate the various features of Mondopad. Of course, the shell is a custom overlay of the Windows operating system, and it functions better than ever in the newest update.

The Mondopad Software presents all of Mondopad’s PC-based key features in a manner more appropriate for public use in a shared space, as opposed to the Windows desktop. It serves to offer all necessary functionality while protecting the background computer from accidental or intentional abuse. The familiar Windows desktop is hidden behind an admin login and, because of this, it will likely never be seen by anyone that isn’t a network administrator. And since the Mondopad shell is all most users will experience, its functionality is of the upmost importance for everyday tasks.

Now on Windows 8

Mondopad had been running on Windows 7 up until this point—a possible sore spot for those wishing to update to the latest version of Windows—due to the fact that it was still the preferred version in the business world. Now, InFocus has released 1.8 with the ability to run on Windows 8 in addition to Widows 7, allowing current Mondopad owners to make the upgrade to their operating system and keep the functionality of the Mondopad shell.

An Improved Whiteboard

People will notice a few changes when using the Whiteboard. Although the layout still feels familiar, the look and functionality have had some changes. New icons for the pen and highlighter make it easier to identify either of them at a glance. Both have had their color selection expanded to eight (instead of four colors) with a sliding adjustment for the density of the color—the highlighter has an additional slider to adjust color transparency.

The new option of Multi-point drawing opens up the possibility of drawing in two places at once, a feature handy for multiple contributors or even for drawing with both hands. When it’s time to save your work, images can now be saved in PDF format, or you can still save the image as a JPEG or Mondopad Whiteboard file.

Better File Management Options

An optional setting has been introduced to allow the deletion of files from the local folder to provide some file management from within the shell. There’s even an option to automatically purge files after a specified number of days. However, the ability to delete files on USB and the local network will remain safely out of reach from users. For uploading content, InFocus has thoughtfully added the ability to resend the Security PIN necessary for connecting with other devices and uploading files.

Smoothing Out the Edges

In addition to the improvement of key features, InFocus has added practical features and increased ease of use in Version 1.8. The ability to zoom PDF files has been added along with zoom buttons for the browser, making it easy to resize webpages. Additionally, the Window icon on 3rd party apps has been removed. Even button sounds can now be disabled.

A few adjustments have been made to functionality of the Admin PIN as well. A change reminder can now be set, and the max attempts to retry PIN entry can be adjusted. And if ever lost or forgotten, the Admin PIN can also be recovered. There are also some features that make connecting to other Mondopads easier. Mondopad IP addresses can now be stored and a “share list” is available for viewing any currently connected Mondopads from your own.

For anyone with a Mondopad, Version 1.8 certainly refines the experience in some practical ways. While many will likely appreciate the easier to use zoom with the browser and while viewing PDF’s, those who use the Whiteboard have the most to be happy about with the additional color options and the option of saving in PDF. It’s a good reminder that many of the new features of Version 1.8 InFocus has likely added due to comments and suggestions from the customers who use Mondopad. So, if there’s something more you’re looking for, it couldn’t hurt to ask. You might just see it on the next version.

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