ConX Serves Group Video Conferencing with Value

Up until recent history, group video conferencing was reserved for the deep pockets of big business. Despite the value of personal communication over any distance, the high cost associated with assembling and maintaining a video conferencing “bridge” (the system used to connect multiple participants to the same video call) often outweighed the benefit.

However, times have changed. And so has InFocus. Where businesses were once forced to acquire a video conferencing bridge for their own use—a process that involves purchasing the bridge hardware, hiring staff to maintain it, and having a substantial outgoing as well as incoming level of bandwidth—InFocus now offers businesses the option of purchasing use of a cloud-based video conferencing bridge: ConX.

Simplified Group Video Conferencing

InFocus ConX (pronounced like “connects”) group video conferencing provides simple, cost-effective video conferencing for any organization. And because it accommodates almost any device that has video calling capability, it works effectively with co-workers and customers alike.

Using the bridge number and a PIN, participants can call into the video call using SIP (Mondopad, MVP Video Phone), H.323 (Polycom, Cisco), a 3rd party app (Jabber), or a standard telephone. No software is required. Also, participants can join through a web browser. (For specific instruction on use with your device, read the Dialing Guide here.)

Of course, there are different options to fit the needs of different organizations. ConX offers bridge service with high—or low—definition video quality that will accommodate 6 or 12 users with options to expand depending on the needs of a business.

ConX from InFocus brings a new level of connectivity to the average business and better value all around. Video conferencing offers an edge in today’s business, for better communication and more efficient meetings. It’s an exciting service from InFocus, especially when its capability translates itself into a better bottom line.

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by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at

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