The IN3920 Interactive Projector Series: Projectors That Respond to Business

The IN3920 Projector Series from InFocus—consisting of the IN3924 and IN3926 models—takes the next step in the evolution of the projector. Despite the clean edges and smooth surfaces of the exterior these units share, looks alone may not convey the capability of the IN3920 Series. When you turn it on, the IN3920 series is similar to other short throw projectors on the market that sit closer to the screen to reduce shadows. However, what sets the IN3920 series apart is an additional key feature: it’s interactive.

Responsive Interaction

What do I mean by interactive?

I mean that the IN3920 Interactive Series Projectors not only project a computer’s display but they use a “wand” to navigate that computer’s content from around the room and even draw on the current image without any additional software. Once a computer is connected, the wand will control a computer’s content using internal sensors with the left/right click buttons and scroll wheel, similar to a mouse.

The wand can draw over the current screen at anytime from anywhere in the room, even up against the surface the image is projected to. The ergonomics of the wand are designed to easily point to the image to select or draw items on screen, but the ability to draw and write up against the image itself has the familiar feeling of writing on a blackboard. Using the wand directly on the image makes writing notes by hand comfortable and efficient.

Additional features of the wand include an “undo” button and a button that will switch displays to a clean, projected whiteboard from the computer input. InFocus even promises that two wands can be used at the same time, enabling multiple people to interact in real-time on screen. Additionally, wands do not require calibration.

Adapts with Business

Just a USB or HDMI connection to a IN3920 projector will enable wand control for your computer, and ultimately your presentation. Of course you can also connect through your local network, selecting the projector as a piece of hardware, similar to the way you would select a printer. And, to the benefit of schools, 32 computers can connect to the projector display at once with up to 4 computer displays sharing the projected image with the included Moderator software. With the software, one administrator easily controls which displays are shown and when.

A pair of speakers at 20-watts are housed within the projector to accommodate sound in presentations. InFocus also had the insight to include a microphone input. Not only can your audio content be heard without external speakers, you can use the projector as a PA system to amplify your voice in a large room.

Having both picture and sound in one unit makes the IN3920 interactive projector series a practical option to be mounted in a room or as a mobile all-in-one presentation solution, whenever it’s needed. But with the additional capability of interactive annotation, IN3920 makes presenting material by projector more immersive for the audience and more responsive to the presenter’s needs.

In short, it’s capable of doing more than you’d think a projector could do. The IN3920 interactive series projector from InFocus gives the projector a new trick up its sleeve.

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