The InFocus JTouch: What You Need When You Need It

Since InFocus has recently released a 65” model to the JTouch family, it feels appropriate to take some time to cover the features of JTouch: the entry-level member of InFocus’ product line of oversized touch displays.

InFocus is known for its touch-display products aimed at collaboration and presentations. While many choose Mondopad for its built-in video conferencing abilities and white boarding ability, and others prefer a touchscreen display running a familiar Windows 8 (BigTouch), JTouch, however, is simply the stripped down touchscreen display without any built-in computer. Instead, it is designed to bring the experience of a large touch display to an existing computer.

JTouch easily controls an external PC or Mac with full touch capability on the surface of its screen. In each of its 3 sizes—55”, 65”, and 70”—JTouch has a clean and crisp 1080p picture. It has a multi-point touch system that is accomplished through an optical-touch system, using a system of invisible beams that refract just over the surface of the glass. Sensors then detect where the beams are broken by an object, like a finger or stylus.

I should mention that multi-touch capabilities are limited by the operating system of your computer. Windows 8 supports multiple touch points simultaneously, while Windows 7 simply supports a single touch point. Many using Windows 7 will likely never miss it, but it’s something to keep in mind if you plan on having multiple people drawing on the screen.

Because JTouch doesn’t rely on the installation of software, connecting to JTouch is as simple to use as plugging a USB from the unit into your computer. That’s it! Then again, if you’re looking to connect wirelessly, InFocus offers the LiteShow III separately. Of course, the unit still has multiple display inputs for other devices that do not require touch capability like, say, a Blu-ray player. All JTouch models include 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB, component, and VGA.

Those already familiar with the InFocus Mondopad, may be fans of its white boarding/annotation features, but you may be surprised that it’s available for use with the JTouch as well. InFocus offers this software, called BigNote, for use with a PC to then be connected with JTouch. Another plus to this option is the fact that you can use the white board and annotate features at any time on your PC. The files are then compatible with Mondopad (and BigTouch units installed with BigNote).

JTouch is a viable option for schools and businesses that desire the added practicality of a touch display without the purchase of any unnecessary features. Especially for groups that want the highest level of customization or just have ease of connecting different PC’s to the screen, the JTouch from InFocus has an exceptional value.

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by Jeff Huber, Sales and Marketing at

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