BigNote Software from InFocus: A Savable, Sharable Digital Whiteboard

Although the whiteboard is an instructional staple of classrooms and training rooms alike, one would think there were another option in our high tech society. It’s not to say the whiteboard hasn’t been working. It’s simple to use and that can be written on over and over again. But what if you could just keep writing forever without any need to erase? What if you could save and share what you write, or save it to continue later? Those are the possibilities that InFocus’ BigNote software brings to the table.

BigNote: the Whiteboard of Today

When BigNote is coupled with one of the full-size touch screens from InFocus (BigNote is a standard feature of Mondopad), the result is a whiteboard experience that is both responsive and practical. 55-inches being the smallest size of InFocus’ line of touch display products, Mondopad, BigTouch, and JTouch are big enough to be seen by everyone in the room. And because they are all touch-optimized, writing notes with a finger or stylus feels almost exactly how it would on the traditional whiteboard.

But that’s just the beginning. BigNote features pens, highlighters, shapes, and lines in 8 colors—the colors are adjustable in density (and opacity with the highlighter). The drawing surface itself can be extended 10x in all directions, making it unlikely that you will run out of room. But the drawing tools aren’t limited to a blank surface, they can be used to annotate over PowerPoint slides and spreadsheets alike.

When a session is complete, an image of the board can be saved as a JPEG or PDF, and sent to an email address. However, if you would like to continue working with that session later, it can be saved as a whiteboard file. These files can be opened, edited, and saved all over again and are compatible with any device that has the BigNote software.

Simply put, BigNote is what results when the familiar whiteboard goes digital. Call it presentation evolution. It’s taking an instructional tool and giving it today’s technology for an enhanced impact, all in a day’s work.

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