How, CONX and 121 work together in the video conferencing ecosystem

With all the different cloud based video conferencing products that InFocus has released over the past few months I thought this graphic would help to show how all the different products work together and the functions that each offer.

Click here for a larger version of graphic.

This is a cloud based service that we covered in depth in this blog posting. It covers endpoint management for Mondopad, MVP100 video phone, BigConnect and future InFocus video conference enabled devices.


The 121 service is a SIP based cloud ‘dialtone’ service that allows calling from one SIP device to another SIP device. This service provides you a public SIP address for your devices so other InFocus and non-InFocus products can call you over the Internet.


This is the group video meeting room service offered by InFocus. We have also posted an in-depth blog posting on this product. This product allows you to offer 6 and 12 seat meeting rooms without having to buy large bandwidth and expensive hardware. Together all these services make for a very full featured and customizable video offering with a very low cost of entry. Find out more about how, MJK Net Inc. and the InFocus line of giant touch products & Projectors can help you in your business. Give us a call at 616.723.0710, check us out on the web at or send us an e-mail to

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